Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Shop: Clothing Conundrum - Silk Colour Block Blouse

I recently purchased this beautiful blouse from Banana Republic, the soure of my fashion fustration:

Photo courtesy of Banana Republic
At first I though I just didn't have enough imagination to pair it; I kept putting outfits together and then at the last minute opting for something else instead. I scanned Polyvore in an attempt to find ideas for pairing it and eventually it dawned on me that the problem wasn't the shape or color but the fabric. This blouse has the sheerest fabric I have ever seen. It is so see-through that I can't wear it without a base layer but at the same time, all the base layers I have tried stand out so sharply that it detracts from the overall look of the blouse. The writing on the material/care tag on the side seam can be read though my shirt! I've analysed the photo from the website and not only does it not appear to be sheer at all, but there is not a shred of evidence that the model is wearing a cami, tank top or even a bra. Damn you, photoshop!

If by chance there is someone out there who also purchased this top, I'd be very interested to hear how someone else resolved this fashion dilemma. Do you go with something flesh coloured and hope it doesn't stand out and distract from the lovely contrast trim, or do you say the hell with it and try something completely different like a black bra or vibrant hue?

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